Land Use Agreement in Norway

Libro - Book: 
Accesso alla Terra - Access to Land
Capitolo - Chapter: 
Formal and Informal Land Use Agreement among People in Norway
Osservazione - Observation: 
1. The Norwegian word "Allmenning" defines an area of land that is put aside by the state for recreational activities; it also defines an area that is in private or official ownership, where others than the owner have rights to use the area, for example, traditionally allowing livestock to graze on the land.
Descrizione - Description: 

Land use agreements among people are diverse in every region. They are mainly influenced by the dominant economic system of resource use.

Sintassi - Sintaxis: 
Syntaxis of the PL - Contextualization of the solutions proposed
Funzionalità - Functionality: 
Grammar of the PL - Analysis of the effects and results of the solutions proposed