Land Use Agreement in Italy

Libro - Book: 
Accesso alla Terra - Access to Land
Capitolo - Chapter: 
Formal and Informal Land use Agreement in Italy
Osservazione - Observation: 
1 - The italian form of "Partecipanza" is an old form of collective ownership in the drainated wet land of Emila and Veneto. - 2 The Partecipanza contract, a derivation of the Enfyteusis Law, was originally signed by the owner for all the citizen of a Town. The income was divided in two, half for all the population with no rights on eventual sales, the other half was assigned to people with no land rights. Finally, the group with no land rights, called Bocca Viva, gained the right of partecipanza, a collective and potentially permanent ownership with no right to sell. All the 22 families who fouded the last partecipanza in Nonantola in the early 1500 are still there exchanging the parcels of their collective ownership every 9 years.
Sintassi - Sintaxis: 
1 Collective forms of ownership like the partecipanza lasted for more than 500 years.